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Green Tree Recycling

With the experience and efficiency to get your trees serviced properly, TREEGUY.com has quality specialists that offer superior services with friendly customer service. In the business however, there is a lot of waste as our experts remove the trees, grinding the stumps and roots, trimming the crown, pruning the branches, and so on. TREEGUY.com does our part for the environment with our recycling services as opposed to allowing the spent wood to rot.

How We Recycle Tree Branches & Other Yard Waste from Trees

TREEGUY.com honors a fallen tree by giving it a second purpose of life. Tree branches that are pruned are then sent to a green waste recycling center where they enrich lawn care since they will be processed into compost fertilizer. Where the trimming becomes viable nutrients for your Houston, Texas garden, the larger logs have a different destination. Some larger logs are taken to a mill where they are cut into applicable lumber materials used to build homes. There are smaller fragments used for pulp wood, and they are shipped to a paper mill to be transformed into books and journals as well as writable and printable paper. Also, wood fitted for firewood which is then sold to our clients to help keep your homes and campfires warm. Generally, pine trees are recycled into pulp wood, mulch, or plywood since they cannot be used as firewood because of the creosol they leave in chimneys that can cause house fires.

Green Tree Recycling & More in League City, Pasadena, Pearland, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands & Greater Houston, Texas

No matter if it is to become mulch, firewood, or other useful cellulose items, TREEGUY.com can remove all of the trimmings from your property and ensure they are recycled properly. Where plenty of tree companies merely toss debris in a landfill or in the city dump that leads to environmental an economic decay, TREEGUY.com is more responsible with the waste. Contact us to discuss your next tree project today!

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