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Importance of Storm Damage Emergency Tree Removal & Clean Up in Lake Charles, LA After Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura just ripped through Louisiana, causing major damage in its path. It is hurricane season and Texas, Maine, and Louisiana are often prime targets for these severe storms. As these storms approach, each resident needs to turn their attention to their trees and prepare. After a storm passes, often there is a major mess that requires cleaning. TreeGuy.com would like to share how you can prepare for major coastal storms and what can be done after a hurricane passes.

Hurricane Preparedness; Pre-Storm Safety Tree Inspection

Before the hurricane or tropical storm season it is best to be prepared. A hurricane can bring flooding and major winds. Wind speeds can reach 100 mph and cause trees to come crashing down. As trees pose such a high risk to homes as well as people and animals, it is always a good idea to have a Pre-Storm Safety Tree Inspection. With a pre-storm safety inspection, an arborist can come and inspect all of the trees on the property to see if any pose a threat and whether or not an emergency tree removal service is needed.

How Does a Pre Storm Safety Tree Inspection Help to Prepare Before a Tropical Storm?

When inspecting your trees, the arborist will inspect the trees and look for any signs they pose any risk to the home, especially, during a major storm such as a hurricane or tropical storm. Some of the signs the arborist will look for is disease and signs of drought. When a tree is infected with or has been affected by drought, the tree and its roots are weakened. When a tree is constantly badgered by high winds, it can slowly uproot with each passing storm. As trees begin to uproot they will begin to lean. Tree trunks can also develop large cracks down the center. Sometimes a tree may be completely healthy. Therefore, it may only need a little bit of pruning if the tree head is too dense. When a tree poses a risk, it may need emergency removal or a hasty pruning. Keep in mind, it is best to have it done before the storm hits.

Tree Debris Clean Up After Storm

After a hurricane or other major storm passes often there is a major mess. Many trees may have fallen down. Large branches are broken and tree debris is everywhere. Removing large branches or trees require the proper tools. A tree service comes prepared to remove fallen trees, remove hazardous branches and clean up tree debris. A tree service can bring a wood chipper to grind down all of the yard debris and reuse it for mulch. Mulch proves a great ground cover for gardens and trees providing nutrients and protection. When it comes to cleaning up after a major storm, no one does it better than a professional tree service.

Pre Storm Tree Inspection, Debris Clean Up, Emergency Hazardous & Difficult Limb & Tree Removal & More in The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Pearland, Pasadena, Beaumont, Port Arthur & Greater Houston, Texas | Shreveport, Lafayette, New Iberia, Alexandria & Lake Charles, Louisiana

During the hurricane season it is best to be prepared and have trees inspected and removed if needed before the storm hits. However, hurricanes don’t always give a lot of warning and some are very messy and debris still occurs. For those in the Greater Lake Charles, Louisiana area who need help cleaning up after Hurricane Laura, do not hesitate to contact TreeGuy.com and schedule our services today.

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